Holland Management is Looking to GROW...but not too much
Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, we’re pretty proud of how small we are. Staying small is what allows us to give our properties and residents the attention they need. So while we’re looking for a few new properties—we want to be able continue to offer the level of service we pride ourselves on.

Too many larger property management companies focus on making quick, easy money—taking shortcuts, making quick-fix repairs, ignoring complaints, and neglecting the property as a whole. Once the property is spent the company moves on to the next one, but the property owner is left with a run down, half-vacant, money pit, and the residents are left bitter and angry.

At Holland Management we do things a little differently. As lifetime residents of Ann Arbor, we care about our city and our community, and that includes the properties we manage and the residents who live there. We strive to create the nicest properties, best rental experience, and happiest residents in town. And as it turns out, focusing on those things helps secure your investment as well—providing for continuous cash-flow, lower operating costs, and maximum appreciation.

Why choose Holland Management?
  • Our dedicated leasing agent has a proven success record—achieving 100% occupancy year after year
  • Our “fix it right the first time” philosophy eliminates rework—keeping maintenance affordable
  • Our small, family owned and operated format means your property will get the attention it deserves
  • Our full-service approach takes the hassle out of owning your investment property
If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you make the most of your investment, please e-mail us or give us a call at 734-747-2344.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Dave and Gretchen Sleamon
Owners, Holland Management